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Your Salvation

One step at a time...

Nobodies Savior
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Just your average neighborhood Ex-Savior

I just wanna feel.

Livejournals a cool place to lose yourself if you have spare time, so friend me so I have something to read.

~Just another failed teen suicide~
"losers", acid trip anime, adult swim, alkaline trio, anime, arthur rankin jr., bad voice overs, battle royal, being her everything, being jesus, being origional, being relied on, bof3, books, cabin fever, codependency, colors, comprehension, conspiracies, contemplation, cornelius a. mathews, counting crows, courage, dainty feet, dark crystal, darkness, dashboard depression, deep thoughts, denial, disciples, disney movies, disney remix's, dorkdom, dorks, drama, dreams, duct tape, easy answers, elves, emo, endless lists, escape, everlasting gobstoppers, fairy tales, falling, fantasy, fear, feigning courage, freedom, full contact soccer, funny hair styles, fuzzy creatures, getting lost, hamtaro, hanging out with friends, hanging your friends, happy faces, happy go lucky people, honest answers, incomprehension, innocence, james marsters, jean-claude van damme, jigamon, johnny the homocidal maniac, joss whedon, jules bass, justice league, kindness, labyrinth, leaves, legend, linkd, loud noises, love, lust, magic, marathons, middle earth, mulan, musicals, nature, newsies, nick tahoe's, nifty things, numbness, old school power rangers, paranoia, phoenix, pink bunnies, power, procrastination, purity, rainbows all the time, raining nights, raving lunatics, rent, rit rioting, rpgs, running scared, samurais, saved by the bell, saves the day, science fiction, sex, shiny objects, silence, silly overlords, skipping, smallville, smiles, smurfs, snow, solitary confinement, solitude, staring into space, strangers, supreme power, surprises, swords, teen angst, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenacious d, the ceiling, the crow, the empty sky, the fall, the family guy, the gummi bear days, the postal service, the simpsons, the stay lows, the super-friends, torture, troubled youth, video game music, vorpal swords, warmth, wheel of time, whiny poetic types, xenogears, yellowcard, your eyes, your mom, zelda